About Steve

Born and raised in northern Manhattan, Steve Kallas attended elementary school at P.S. 98 in the Inwood section.  He played baseball, basketball and was on the bowling team at the legendary Power Memorial Academy.  In his senior year at Power, Steve was awarded the John (“Jack”) P. Donohue Medal for excellence in athletics.

Steve also played baseball, basketball and was on the bowling team at New York University.  Steve later graduated from the Fordham University School of Law, where he was a member of the Law Review.

Steve Kallas presently does a weekly sports podcast for TheSTN.net, available every Friday morning for free download at I-Tunes.  From late 2010 through 2014, Steve hosted his own national sports-talk internet radio show, “The Steve Kallas Show,” weekdays at noon on sportstalknetwork.com.  Steve also writes a blog, “Kallas Remarks,” for New York City radio station WFAN (at wfan.com).  From September 2010 to September 2011, Steve also hosted a weekly New York-based sports-talk show at WVOX 1460 in New Rochelle, New York.

Steve Kallas has appeared numerous times on television and radio to talk about sports in general, sports and the law, and/or youth sports.  His TV appearances include national spots on ESPN’s SportsCenter (with Sage Steele), Fox and Friends (with Brian Kilmeade), CNN Headline News “Prime News” (with Mike Galanos), as well as local spots on SNY (with Gary Apple) and Fox 5 News (with Katherine Creag).  Steve has appeared many times on both WFAN and SNY-TV.  Steve has also appeared on MSG’s SportsDesk (with Deb Placey) and MSG’s sports-talk show Talk of Our Town (multiple times) on the Madison Square Garden Network, as well as on Connecticut Public Televison (at cptv.org).

In 2015, Steve appeared on SNY and WFAN multiple times.  He did his own three-hour sports show on WFAN on December 26, 2015.  Steve also appeared in an episode of “American Greed,” on CNBC.  The episode was about a wealthy business owner who was convicted of defrauding people out of $180 million.  He also guest-hosted for Rick Wolff multiple times on his youth sports show, “The Sports Edge.”  At every Hambletonian (the “Kentucky Derby” of harness racing) at the Meadowlands since 2011, Steve does a segment on WFAN with Marc Malusis, discussing both the race and the future of harness racing.

In 2014, Steve appeared on SNY-TV a number of times, including a special on the Sayreville hazing scandal.  He sub-hosted for Rick Wolff on his WFAN show, “The Sports Edge,” discussing youth sports issues.  He also was a guest at the FDH Lounge multiple times, discussing the NBA, the NFL and Major League Baseball.  Steve also appeared on the new Investigative Discovery channel show, “Momsters: When Moms Go Bad,” hosted by Roseanne Barr.  The episode, “Anger in the Outfield,” was about a Long Island mom who threatened the life of her son’s Little League coach.

In 2013, Steve appeared on television on PIX11 to discuss the Alex Rodriguez case (available at pix11 attorney and sportswriter gives his take on A-Rod’s doping scandal).  He also appeared on CNN International to preview, for an international audience, the “American football” game between the Vikings and the Steelers in London.  He also appeared on SNY’s “Daily News Live!”

In 2012, Steve appeared multiple times on SNY’s SportsNite (with Jonas Schwartz) and SNY’s Daily News Live show (with Schwartz, Joe Benigno and Bob Raismann).  In addition, Steve appeared on the PIX 11 Morning Show (with Sukanya Krishnan).

On radio, Steve Kallas has been a guest numerous times (beginning in 2002) on Rick Wolff’s WFAN show, “The Sports Edge,” and has been a substitute host for Rick multiple times.  He has also hosted his own sports-talk show on WFAN multiple times.  He has also appeared multiple times with Mike Francesa, and on the Boomer and Carton Show and the Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts Show, as well as with Steve Somers, Richard Neer, Marc Malusis and Sid Rosenberg.

In 2013, Steve hosted a four-hour sports talk radio show on WFAN in New York City (12/25/13, available by request to stevejkallas@gmailcom).  He also was the lead co-host in a 30-minute interview of Fox sportscaster Kenny Albert on the NFL playoffs (available at Kenny Albert Mini-Episode #231).  He also appeared numerous times in the New York City area on WFAN and nationally on various CBS Sports Radio shows.  Every year, on the first Saturday in August, Steve does a harness racing handicapping spot with Marc Malusis of WFAN at the Hambletonian, harness racing’s premier race at the Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey.

In 2012, Steve was an in-studio guest on Mike Francesa’s WFAN radio/YES television show for an hour in the wake of the Mets/Madoff settlement.  On April 15, 2012, he also hosted his own three-hour sports-talk show on WFAN.  He was also a guest on Steve Somers’ show to discuss the Infield Fly rule after the controversial play in the Cardinals-Braves playoff game.

Steve’s writing experience (in addition to the present WFAN blog) includes three years as a columnist for Madison Square Garden’s website as well as one year as a columnist and features writer for the New York Post Sports Week (in its only year of existence).  He has covered all of the major sports (baseball, football, basketball and hockey) and horse racing (both thoroughbred and harness racing) as well.  His work has appeared in such varied publications as Sports Business Journal, Hispanic Beisbol Magazine, The Hartford Courant, The Scarsdale Inquirer, Hoof Beats Magazine, thebiglead.com, The Stamford Advocate and The Horseman and Fair World Magazine.

In 2009, Steve Kallas became a member of the 21st Century Media Alliance.  He now often appears with host Rick Morris of that alliance on the FDH Lounge podcasts.

In 2004, Steve was selected by The Citizenship Through Sports Alliance to be on a national expert panel.  In 2005, that panel released its National Report Card on Youth Sports.

Steve Kallas now lives in Riverdale, NY, less than two miles north of where he grew up.

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  1. Thank you Mr. Kallas for the article about Ichiro. I am from Seattle and has been a fan of Ichiro from the very start. He was our pride and joy and I for one was heartbroken when he left. Rumors abound with how he left ,but those never diminished the admiration we have for Ichiro. I became a Yankee fan since Ichiro became one of the much heralded Yankee. I knew that the Yankees was interested in him during his Prime, but who wasn’t? As a Japanese he has pride and respect for the game, thus my disappointment that he as a Yankee was not treated as such.You are the first Journalist whose articles about Ichiro was honest and right to what Ichiro is all about. It pains me to watch him play and never read any kind of appreciation or even a small mention of his success at that particular time. You’re eloquent summation of Ichiro’s history had uplifted my regards to Sports Journalism. I do hope that Ichiro will continue to play Baseball since that is the destiny that God had in store for him. A life Ichiro has chosen to give it all he’s worth. Thanks again for a well described run for a Man who deserved all that he desired and gave…. By the way, I am a 70 yr. young Woman who had known what Love and Honor meant to a Japanese and Ichiro is the best example of that….

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