Kallas Remarks by Steve Kallas

If you are a Yankee fan, you expect the absurd ticket prices, the ridiculous prices for parking, programs, food, etc. It comes with the territory – you are at Yankee Stadium. And while it may never replace the aura of the old Yankee Stadium (Question: “Hey, dad, where did Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio and Mantle play? Answer: “Across the street, son.”), it’s a nice new facility with many more amenities than the old one.

But, surprisingly, in 2010, Yankee greed may hurt the Yankees. On Saturday, the Yankees had a made-up game between the Yankees and their “Future Stars,” whatever that means. Played in Tampa, it seems like a made-for-TV event. What, the Yankees need more money? What, the rookies and future stars couldn’t have played with or against them before?


Here’s the big deal: according to published reports, some of the Yankee players are very upset at playing this game in Tampa the day before the season opener against the Red Sox up in Fenway. Presumably, the intelligent players who are upset would rather get into Boston earlier and workout at Fenway on Saturday. George King of the Post quoted Andy Pettitte as saying, ”[f]or the position players, it would have been ideal to get a workout there.”

Once upon a time, decades and decades ago, players had to play these kinds of games: glorified scrimmages that were a waste of time. Arguably, once upon a time, teams had to play these kinds of games to defray expenses or expose professional baseball on the way north when there weren’t major league baseball teams in the Deep South.

But to do it today, in 2010, to the New York Yankees, the day before they open against the Red Sox?

That’s preposterous.

Hopefully, nobody got hurt. Hopefully, the fans and “future stars” (how many of them really are future STARS) had a good time. But to make the defending champions delay their arrival in Boston to play a scrimmage is beyond stupid.

Wouldn’t it have just been more intelligent to let the team (especially the new guys who haven’t felt Yankees-Red Sox first-hand) acclimate itself to Fenway Park and Opening Day?

The article about the game on the Yankee web site was entitled, “Bombers Teach Future Stars a Lesson.”  Here’s hoping the Yankees themselves learn a lesson from their own stupidity.

The Yankee organization already hurt the Yankee team by upsetting a number of players with a meaningless exhibition game.  We’ll see if it hurts the team on Sunday.

© Copyright 2010 by Steve Kallas.  All rights reserved.


  1. Thought the article was well written and made perfect sense. I totally agree with you!

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