Kallas Remarks by Steve Kallas

What’s all the fuss about the fact that there are two 10-0 teams in the NFL? What is the relevancy of a team going 16-0 in the regular season? Why does anyone (other than the old-time Dolphins) really care?


It was an interesting season two years ago when the Patriots went 16-0 during the regular season and then 18-0 before the Super Bowl. And you had a feeling that, once Tom Brady drove them down the field to take the lead over the Giants late in the fourth quarter, this was going to be something unbelievable – 19-0.

But a funny thing happened on the way to immortality. Eli Manning drove the Giants down the field, David Tyree caught a pass with his helmet, the ill-fated Plaxico Burress got wide open in the end zone and the Patriots dream of perfection was shattered (Giant fans can only hope that the Super Bowl win wasn’t the only one of Eli’s career – but after Plaxico shot himself and ruined last year and the Giants debacle against Denver this past Thursday make them outsiders to make the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl, you have to face the reality that this might be it for this group of Giants).


Well, both teams had the Patriots as their big stumbling block on their way to perfection. The Colts have had a number of almost defeats and the Patriots thrashed them for three-and-a-half quarters. But the Colts came back like they have in the past and beat the Patriots very late in the game. While the Colts, with the Patriots behind them, have a good chance to go 16-0, it really doesn’t mean anything unless they go 19-0 (just ask the Patriots).

It says here that the Colts, even if they go undefeated in the regular season, won’t go undefeated in the playoffs. And if it’s Patriots-Colts again sometime in the playoffs in Indy (which it will be if they do play again), you have to like the Patriots chances to finish what they couldn’t the first time around.

The Saints have their Patriots obstacle in front of them on Monday night. As with the Colts, it’s a very tough match-up for the Saints (as it is for the Patriots). However, at 7-3 and with a commanding two-game lead in the AFC East (after ending the Jets season last week), this isn’t a must win for the Patriots.

But the Patriots do what the Patriots do and, with a little improvement on defense, they can not only beat the Saints but they can win the Super Bowl. Remember, whatever you think of fourth and two against the Colts, that wasn’t a playoff game. Will Belichick make the same call with the season on the line in the playoffs? Well, he dodged that question twice when asked. Maybe he will be forced to answer it in the playoffs – on the field.

Can the Saints go 16-0 if they beat the Patriots? Absolutely, as the toughest hurdle for both teams was (is) the Patriots

But, once again, so what?


Well, this question is usually discussed in college basketball when a team is around 20-0 and some feel it’s better to lose one during the pre-NCAA tournament schedule. It’s hard to believe that an NFL team of the quality of these two teams ever wants to lose one. Tedy Bruschi recently said on ESPN that, as a professional, he and his Patriot teammates wanted to win every game. They just couldn’t beat the Giants to attain sure-fire immortality.

So, it says here that the Colts and Saints don’t want to lose any game. But it also says here that neither will go undefeated during the regular season AND win the Super Bowl.

We’ll see what happens.

© Copyright 2009 by Steve Kallas.  All rights reserved.

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