Kallas Remarks by Steve Kallas


Is it the end of the road for Brett Favre?  Well, if you’re a Jets fan, you’ve been brutally disappointed the last four weeks.  Cruising along at 8-3 after wins over the (at the time) undefeated Titans and the still-very-good Patriots, everything was wonderful in Jet land.  But a funny thing happened on the way to an AFC East Division Title and the playoffs.  Favre went very bad, very quickly and the Jets are on the verge of a huge collapse (and, given their easy schedule, arguably one of the greatest collapses ever).


A home loss (34-17) to OK Denver (now in the midst of a huge collapse of their own), a road loss to improving, at least, San Francisco, a miracle home gift win against Buffalo and then the disaster in Seattle has put them on the brink of Nowheresville.  And it doesn’t look like they will make the playoffs.  They’ll need a minor miracle to beat the Dolphins AND have either the Patriots or the Ravens lose to make the playoffs.




Well, he’s been good, not great, until the last four games.  Many thought that the Jets simply ran a Chad Pennington offense with a guy who has a much better arm.  But Favre throws a great short ball and, unlike last year, the Jets actually have a very good running game with Thomas Jones and with (inexplicably) a hardly-used Leon Washington.


Then, in the last four games, Favre fell off a cliff, never getting a QB rating over 62 and throwing 1 (one) TD to six interceptions.  When you consider the competition, these numbers become even more woeful.




That seems to be the latest coming out of Brett-land.  But, if true, this guy has all but killed the Jet chances of making the playoffs by, what, being a hero?  If his shoulder is really hurt (although he hit Laveranues Coles in the numbers on that long fourth-down pass (incomplete) late in the game against Seattle), then he hurt his team showing us how tough he is.  If true, he put himself (and his streak?) ahead of the team.  If not true, he’s really regressed this year.  Would the Jets have had a better chance with another QB in the last four games?  Well, you can make a case that the answer to that is yes.




It doesn’t really matter, does it?  This was the year, with Brady’s injury, that the Jets could have made some real noise.  Their owner went out and spent a ton of money (and, to his credit, that was before Brady got hurt) and, after 11 games, the Jets were really in the mix.  But, as for next year, with Brady (and Maroney and Thomas and, maybe, Harrison back), it’s hard to believe that the Jets, with or without Favre (and probably with a tougher schedule), will make any noise in the AFC East.  The Dolphins haven’t passed them talent-wise but, by next season, they may very well be a better team with a better QB (some would argue that they already are better in both departments).




Does it matter?  You can’t believe anything he says on this issue.  It gets sickening every year to watch the back and forth for weeks (months?).  Will he or won’t he?  He’s decided.  He hasn’t decided.  He’s changed his mind.  News at 11.  The Jets might have been better off moving forward with Chad Pennington and (maybe) developing (or, at least, drafting) another QB.  Is Kellen Clemens the answer?  I don’t know and neither do you.  His growth has been stunted (stopped?) for still another season (and for yet another if Brett comes back to New York next season).




 Well, he’s tried to do things the Belichick way and, while commendable, there’s only one Bill Belichick.  Once the bring-Favre-to-New-York decision was made, his hands were, to some degree, tied.  But he’s mysteriously made Leon Washington disappear in the offense and certainly has had some trouble with play-calling and half-time adjustments (some would be harsher and say what half-time adjustments?).


But this is a very young coach in a very tough division who has had a winning record in two of his three years as a HC in the NFL.  It says here that he deserves another year.  But, quite frankly, next year might be worse than this year.  If that’s possible.  We’ll see.    


© Copyright 2008 by Steve Kallas.  All rights reserved.

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