Little League and Pitch Count on WFAN

Click here to listen to the segment on Pitch Count from Rick Wolff’s show on 8/26 talking about controversial Little League issues with Steve Kallas.

Rick Wolff and Steve Kallas discuss the need to keep little league pitchers below a certain pitch count as well as having a minimum numbers of days off between pitching.


2 responses to “Little League and Pitch Count on WFAN

  1. German Francisco

    pitch count for a game in 9 and 10 years old?

  2. Sir, First of all, that was a great article on pitch counts. I agree with 100%. Parents and coaches really need to pay attention and look after their kids. I have a unique situation. I have a 10 year boy that can pitch with both arms. I have petitioned little leauge baseball for a seperate count for each arm and have been basically laughed at. Our district refuses to give me a reason why. Your opinion or help would be apprieciated.

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